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Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions: Other Mystical Muses

Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions: Other Mystical Muses: SEASONAL OFFERINGS Supply is limited. Email Sanndi at sanndi@att.net or contact on Facebook for availability Waiting for Sundown  8x1...

Hello, Autumn! It's been awhile since I've written, but here I am and can you believe that 2021 is almost over? How did that occur? Here in the south (Ga.) it still doesn't feel much like fall, contrary to all the seasonal merchandise in the stores hinting for us to purchase jackets, pumpkins, and Halloween or seasonal décor. Speaking of décor,  I have a painting available, just in time for Halloween. It is entitled Waiting For Sundown.Three "witchy" friends stand united in fun, frolic, and friendship decked out in their finest witchy-poo attire while waiting for sundown. And who knows what happens after dark?  This print is a limited offer due to it being seasonal, so order yours while you can! Wishing you a spooktacular season. ~Sanndi

Art with Cats ... the struggle is real!

As an artist-in-residence with Siren School, I'm called upon to participate in a number of creative activities hosted by their parent organization, the Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences. In addition to being mentioned in a biography of one of the ocademy's students, I've been asked to give occasional tips on the challenges of trying to create art when the family felines are around. 

For more off-kilter tips on everything from make a proper cup of tea to how to deal with telemarketers, visit the ocademy's Gooder Sense & Guidance series