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Hello October!  And Greetings to everyone, happy Autumn! It's been awhile since I've written, but here I am and can you believe that 2017 is almost over? How did that occur? Here in the south ( Ga.) it still doesn't feel much like fall, contrary to all the seasonal merchandise in the stores hinting for us to purchase jackets, pumpkins, and Halloween or seasonal décor. Speaking of décor,  I have a NEW painting, just in time for Halloween. It is entitled Waiting For Sundown.Three "witchy" friends stand united in fun, frolic, and friendship decked out in their finest witchy-poo attire while waiting for sundown. And who knows what happens after dark?  This print is a  limited offer due to it being seasonal, so order yours while you can!
Other exciting news, for those of you who are local, the Crosstown Grill in Peachtree City is displaying my art in their cozy, inviting foyer. So go check it out if you are in the area! And yes.... it is indeed for sale! ( sometimes people think that art on walls is just an establishment's décor) But I'm here to tell ya that every bit is for sale, including the nails holding it up, lol! But seriously, have a looksie and also have some lunch or dinner or drinks while you are there, good food, drinks, and they even have an outside patio area. Thank you Crosstown Grill for supporting the arts and our community! Shout out to Sean Cashman there who helped me hang up my work! www.crosstowngrille.com. Well, guess that's about it for this time around, Happy Autumn everyone!  ~Sanndi

Tails Galore!

A dynamic peek at some of my art. Lots more new pieces featured on my Facebook page


Scraps of Gratitude

Hi Everyone! 

Thank you for being here! Well here we are right in the middle of November and Thanksgiving is upon us thus being the kickoff for the holiday season. For some this is joyful, for others not so much. For many it can bring with it many forms of anxiety, such as stress of cooking, which relative's house to go to, family issues, squabbles, gifts, money issues, and the list goes on and on. This year I encourage you to really be mindful of your thoughts and emotions and realize that there really are things to be thankful for. So when the going gets rough and the stress is about to make you snap, take a moment, breathe and find some small things in your life that you are thankful for. You don't have to wait till there is a turkey on the table to be thankful! Here is something to try: write down on small pieces of paper the little things you are thankful for, at least one a day and place them in a jar or a box. If you want to take it a step further, you can decorate a jar or box, make them your special Blessings containers. 

Many people were doing something like this at the onset of the New Year, but you can do it anytime. Then months later or the following Thanksgiving you can randomly take out the little scraps of paper and read them again as reminders of good things, good times, memories, etc. I did this one year and when I re-read them almost a year later it brought a smile to my heart. Some personal examples of mine would be: a nice hot bath on a cold night, sound of rain, having good health, seeing the most amazing color of pink in the evening sky at sunset, a cat's purr, a child's giggle, having a simple lunch with a friend, the moon, having eyes to read these "good things," taking walks. And the list goes on especially when you really start being mindful of it all. 

So this Thanksgiving, don't let the stereotype stresses get you down. There is always something to be thankful for. Just try this exercise and I promise you it will bring a smile to you and a sense of peace over you. Perhaps get others involved with this too, get your spouses or kids or friends to do this with you. Then later when you want to re visit your musings, perhaps let one another read each other's good things instead. Well I wish everyone a very safe and happy Thanksgiving and wish for you to see and feel as many good things as you allow yourself to. You do deserve happiness, love, and peace, not just for Thanksgiving but each and every single day always. 

Many hugs & blessings to you 
~ Sanndi

Happy October!

Hi all—

Happy October! I am happy that my first blog for my new website coincides with October as October is one of my favorite months.

Like many I adore the change in leaves and brilliant colors of fall and of course All Hallow's Eve. The magic, mystery and mayhem of Halloween have always been a fave of mine. At Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions I intend to continue to be inspired by the mystical and whimsical. My new site now has more mermaid art on it and some never before seen new pieces of art.

Before I continue on with my blog, I must give a shout out and a heartfelt Thank You to Joy Siren for her relentless help with this website. She is truly a graphic goddess guru and design diva extraordinaire! She is proprietor of Siren School -- please check out all the great adventures she has to offer for 2016.

Through my art I hope to inspire the creative and mystical side residing within you. I hope my art will bring you joy, serenity, or inspiration and through it you will realize that you are unique, special and enough. So often we think we aren't "enough." But you are Enough, Right Now! I would love to hear your feedback, postings, comments, whatever. Let's share our musings, our adventures, our philosophies, our magic.

Have a Blessed Autumn
~ Sanndi

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