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Happy October!

Hi all—

Happy October! I am happy that my first blog for my new website coincides with October as October is one of my favorite months.

Like many I adore the change in leaves and brilliant colors of fall and of course All Hallow's Eve. The magic, mystery and mayhem of Halloween have always been a fave of mine. At Sanndi Art Mystical Expressions I intend to continue to be inspired by the mystical and whimsical. My new site now has more mermaid art on it and some never before seen new pieces of art.

Before I continue on with my blog, I must give a shout out and a heartfelt Thank You to Joy Siren for her relentless help with this website. She is truly a graphic goddess guru and design diva extraordinaire! She is proprietor of Siren School -- please check out all the great adventures she has to offer for 2016.

Through my art I hope to inspire the creative and mystical side residing within you. I hope my art will bring you joy, serenity, or inspiration and through it you will realize that you are unique, special and enough. So often we think we aren't "enough." But you are Enough, Right Now! I would love to hear your feedback, postings, comments, whatever. Let's share our musings, our adventures, our philosophies, our magic.

Have a Blessed Autumn
~ Sanndi

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